Nurlan Kapenov
Chairman of the directors board
Kaliya Khissamidinova
Chairman of the board - member of the directors board
Yernar Bilyalov
Member of the directors board
Valeriy Tyugay
Member of the directors board

Experience of the team. Projects implementation

SPP Burnoye-1

Capacity: 50 MW
in 2015
Energy generated: 277 mln kWh

UG Energy Ltd
(UK) and Samruk-
Kazyna Invest

SPP Burnoye-2

Capacity: 50 MW
Status: commissioned
in 2018
Energy generated: 43 mln kWh

UG Energy Ltd
(UK) and
Samruk-Kazyna Invest

SPP Zadarya

Capacity: 14 MW
Status: construction,
commissioning is
planned in 2019.

Investor*: UrbaSolar SAS

SPP Gulshat

Capacity: 40 MW
Status: construction,
commissioning is
planned in February 2019

Investor*: Risen Energy (China)

* EBRD financing is attracted

Experience of the team. Financing attraction

  • Membership in SPAQ will give the Association members an opportunity to attract optimal funding for project implementation.
  • SPAQ is an opportunity to present your projects at national and international platforms. Make them recognizable.

Experience of the team . Competent authorities of the RoК

The successful experience of SPAQ will allow the the Association members to receive methodological assistance and interaction channels with:

  • Ministry of Energy of the RoK
  • Local executive authorities upon obtaining land plots
  • Ministry of Investments and Development of the RoK
  • Ministry of National Economy of the RoK
  • Ministry of labor and social protection of population of the RoK
  • National grid operator «KEGOC»
  • National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the RoK «Atameken»
  • AoLE«Kazakhstan Electricity Association»
  • KAZENERGY Association
  • Regional electricity grid companies
  • «Financial-Settlement Centre for support of renewable energy sources»LLP
  • Experience of the team. Tariff auctions

    Association members are independent observers during auctions;
    Membership in the Association will allow to avoid typical mistakes on submitting documents for participation in the auction and on participating in the auctions.