On behalf of Solar Power Association of Kazakhstan let me inform you about good news about issuing of the 2 nd edition of the QazaqGreen magazine, which was supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The 2nd issue of QazaqGreen magazine covers an urgent issues of environmental policy and renewable energy of our country and region: environmental legislation, transition to the Best Available Technologies, problems of decarbonization of economy, international experience in the development of renewables, development of the regional market of electric power in Central Asia, financing for RES by the international financial organizations, development of ecological tourism.We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Representative Office of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Kazakhstan for support of the QazaqGreen magazine initiative and also we express our gratitude to our authors for cooperation in preparation of the 2 nd issue of the magazine. You may find the electronic copy of the magazine on our web-site: https://spaq.kz/images/080921/QG_RU_2.pdf We hope that on the pages of our publication QazaqGreen we will hear different opinions, and not only the statement of problems, but also the possible solutions. We invite you for an open discussion on the pages of our magazine.